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Nation Revisited # 118. August 2016

The Fatal Embrace

Pages 22 - 25 from Jews and the State by Benjamin Ginsberg, published by The University of Chicago Press. Available from Amazon.

(The row in the Labour Party about alleged anti-Semitism has revived interest in the Jews. Professor Benjamin Ginsberg suggests that they grew rich and powerful with the rise of the British Empire. He is a distinguished American political scientist with an objective view of history).

In Britain Jews did not figure in the creation of the liberal state. However, Jewish politicians, publishers and financiers helped to strengthen the liberal regime and expand its popular base between the Crimean War and the First World War. During the mid and late nineteenth centuries, British Jews achieved considerable wealth, status, and political influence. The Rothschilds were one of the most important banking families in Britain. Other important Jewish financiers included the Sassoons, the Cassels, the de Hirsch family, and the Semons. By the First World War, though Jews constituted only 1% of the total population of Britain, 23% of Britain's non-landed gentry were of Jewish origin.

In the middle decades of the nineteenth century, Jews also came to be a major factor in British journalism. The Reuters News Agency, founded by Paul Julius Reuter (whos name was originally Israel Beer Josaphat) in 1848, was the chief purveyor of information on world events to the entire British press and, at times, the government as well. The Sassoons owned and edited the Sunday Times, Harry Marks founded the Financial Times, and Sir Alfred Mons controlled the English Review. Jews were especially important in the popular press. The Daily Telegraph, controlled by the Levy Lawson family, was London's first penny newspaper and, in the 1870s, had a circulation of just under 200,000. The Telegraph appealed mainly to a middle and working class audience and specialized in sensational coverage of both domestic and foreign events. Harry Oppenheim had a major interest in another mass circulation daily, the London Daily News. Sir Alfred Mond published the Westminster Gazette, a paper that provided its popular audience with dramatic coverage of the exploits of British military forces in the far-flung reaches of the empire. 

During the same period of time, a number of Jews served as members of Parliament and rose to positions of considerable influence in the British government. Obviously, the most notable example is Benjamin Disraeli, a converted Jew who served twice as prime minister between 1868 and 1880, and along with William Gladstone was the dominant figure in British politics in the late nineteenth century. Other prominent Jewish politicians in the pre-World War 1 era included GJ Goschen, who served as chancellor of the exchequer from 1887 to 1892; Farrer Herschell, who was lord chancellor in 1886 and again in 1892-1895; Sir George Jessell, solicitor general in 1910, attorney general from 1910 to 1913, and lord chief justice in 1913; and Edward Samuel Montague, who served as under secretary of state for India.

These Jewish political and business elites helped to consolidate the liberal regime in Britain by reconciling conservative forces to democratic politics and by expanding the resources and popular base of the British state. The key figure in this process was Benjamin Disraeli.

In addition, Disraeli helped to fashion an imperialist program that, in the latter decades of the nineteenth century, bound together the aristocracy and the military and administrative establishment with segments of the financial community, the press, and the middle class in a coalition that would support his efforts to strengthen the British state. The Disraeli government's policy of imperial expansion in India, the Middle East, and Africa yielded important political and economic benefits for the participants of this coalition.

Jewish financiers and newspaper publishers were important participants in this coalition. In the late nineteenth century, more than one fourth of all British capital was invested overseas. Long-established financial interests invested primarily in North America and Australia where property owners could rely upon the protection of local laws and authorities. New banking houses, a number of them Jewish, were more heavily invested in the Middle East, India, Asia, and Africa where local laws and authorities offered little security for foreign property. Here, British investors had to depend upon the protection of their own government and its military forces. This dependence gave Jewish financiers a stake in the creation of a strong national government able and willing to project its power throughout the world.

Jewish financial and business interests were important participants in the imperialist enterprise. For example, the Indian railroad network that the Sassoons helped to finance was closely integrated into the imperial administration, and Julius Reuter's wire service functioned as the command and control mechanism of the colonial government. Upon occasion, the British government also turned to Jewish banking houses to finance imperial expansion. Disraeli's purchase of the Suez Canal in 1878, for example, was made possible by Harry Oppenheimer's extensive contacts in Egypt and a four million pound loan from Lionel Rothschild. The role played by Jewish capital in the creation of Britain's nineteenth century empire was not lost on its critics. In his classic work, which became the basis of Lenin's theory of imperialism, JA Hobson argued that "men of a single and peculiar race, who have behind them centuries of financial experience," formed "the central ganglion of international capitalism."

This theme was also prominent in the work of Goldwyn Smith, a noted scholar and opponent of Disraeli's imperialist policies. Smith frequently charged that the Disraeli government's foreign policies were motivated more by Jewish than British interests.

For its part, the Jewish-owned popular press worked to rally public support for the government's imperialist endeavours. The press depicted the conquest and subjugation of foreign territories as a great adventure. Generals like Kitchener and Gordon were portrayed as heroic figures. Journalists captured the popular imagination with accounts of the exploits of British forces in faraway lands.

The Reuters news service was particularly important in popularizing imperialism. Reuters specialized in the collection and dissemination of news from the furthest outposts of the empire. Its dispatches, upon which all British newspapers came to rely, emphasized the positive, "civilizing" aspects of British colonial administration and military campaigns. The steady diet of campaigns, battles, and raids in Reuter's dispatches, along with news of the more mundane details of colonial rule, maintained popular interest in the empire and made it an accepted part of British life. The British popular press, like its American counterpart during the Spanish-American War, discovered that exciting tales of empire building gave an enormous boost to circulation and revenues.

Fantasy and Reality

People suffering from schizophrenia can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. The rest of us should be able to but politicians confuse things deliberately and ordinary people often drift into fantasy without realising it.

This is clearly illustrated when we come to race and immigration. Parts of the UK that have been settled by millions of Africans and Asians. Some of them have been here for generations and the idea that we could round them up and send them to their ancestral homelands is pure fantasy, but that is the policy of several political parties that contest elections, run websites, and publish magazines and leaflets. This is despite the fact that we haven’t got enough police or troops to round them up, we haven’t got enough ships or planes to transport them, and their countries of origin would probably refuse to accept them.

Undaunted by the impossibility of their task the supporters of mass deportation claim that the majority of British people agree with them. But this too is a fantasy. There are a great many British people with mixed-race grandchildren who would fight to keep them. Some mixed race couples have been together for years and their children have been born in this country. What would the racists do with the white partners in mixed marriages and what would they do with the children? Presumably they would force them aboard their non-existent ships and planes.

Now that we have voted to quit the EU we can stop European immigration and we have always been able to stop non-European immigration. We could also deport undesirables, convicted criminals, illegal immigrants, dole-scroungers, overstayed tourists, and bogus students. We could help failed settlers to go home and we could offer to pay the fares of volunteers. We could also promote the use of English and stop translating government documents into foreign languages. All of this is possible and many of us think that it’s desirable, so let’s concentrate on what can be done.

The non-Europeans already here will be absorbed into the general population. Some will try to keep themselves separate but if the Jewish experience is anything to go by they too will eventually become British. Many of them have contributed to civilisation but some have not. We can only hope that the least gifted will leapfrog evolution through education. Their grandfathers might have been primitive by our standards but most of them are capable of improvement. Their future will be determined by their ability to assimilate. The gangs of feral blacks plaguing our big cities must be dealt with but the majority of non-Europeans will be assimilated.

Believers in the Master Race theory predict the downfall of civilisation if we absorb non-European immigrants. We can only point to countries like Brazil where the whites are only half of the population. Brazil has got problems with poverty and maladministration but she is a first class nation in the fields of science and technology.

We do not need non-European immigration but we must accept the demographic reality of modern Britain – those who prefer fantasy can carry on dreaming.

Going Too Far

The minor political parties always go too far and their leaders are often more extreme than their followers. This ensures that they stay on the periphery and are not taken seriously by the general public.

It’s perfectly reasonable for banks to charge interest on loans. They have staff and premises to pay for and they are entitled to make a profit. But instead of calling for reasonable interest rates the extremists want to hang the bankers and abolish the banking system. They accuse the banks of creating money out of nothing but they never explain why Lehman Brothers didn’t simply create some more money when they ran out of it.

Immigration is another subject where they get carried away. Mass migration drives down wages and aggravates shortages of housing, health care and education. But instead of campaigning for sensible immigration controls they want to round up all the immigrants already here and deport them to their countries of origin.

The extremists go beyond a natural love of race and nation to despise most of humanity. They subdivide Europeans into different races and perpetuate an image of the Jews as moneylenders and criminals that is supported by literature.

Most of us are not anti-Semitic but we are familiar with the Merchant of Venice demanding his pound of flesh, and Fagin leading his gang of pickpockets.

The racial supremacists have not been successful at the polls. Under the British first-past-the-post system the winning party usually gets 30-40 percent of the poll. At the 2015 general election the results were as follows:
Conservative 36.9%
Labour 30.4%
Ukip 12.6%
Lib Dem 7.9%
SNP 4.7%
Green 3.8%

The votes of the BNP and the National Front were too low to figure as a percentage. These results are an accurate guide to the levels of support enjoyed by the political parties in the UK; except for the SNP which only operates in Scotland where they won a landslide victory. The minor parties are wasting their time but they continue to stand in every election.

Ukip got a respectable 12.6% because they are careful not to go too far. People will support immigration controls but not deportation. And they will back financial reform but would not like to see Mark Carney hanging from a lamp post outside the Bank of England.

Everyone has a right to their opinions, If people want to form pointless political parties that is their prerogative. There is a natural constituency for a populist party – like Ukip – of between 10 and 20 percent. In countries with proportional representation that would give them dozens of seats in parliament and the chance to be included in a coalition government. But under our antique system of representation only the big parties can succeed.

The Socialist Party of Great Britain has been campaigning since 1904. They are genuine socialists who never supported the Soviet regime and seek to change society by democratic means. At the 2015 general election their ten candidates only got 889 votes between them. The BNP and the NF are in the same position as the SPGB; dedicated people going nowhere.

If you just want to shout abuse at foreigners and wrap yourself in the Union Jack you can join any one of half a dozen parties of the far-Right. But if you are interested in creating a better Britain you are advised to join one of the mainstream political parties. Their policies hardly matter because they change over the years. The Tories were always the party of big business that resisted every social advance but now they claim to be a ‘one nation’ party that defends the National Health Service. The Labour Party used to fight for socialism but they have been taken over by a gang of affluent intellectuals. The Liberal Democrats have been decimated and are trying to regroup. But all of them have learned that they have to be flexible in order to survive.

Press release from Tru-Aim originally published in Nation July 1974

Below is the text of a letter sent to the Home Secretary about the amnesty for illegal immigrants, the first such Tru-Aim (Trade Union anti-Immigration Movement) communication to the new Labour government – with the old Labour policies.

Dear Sir, The members of this movement wish to register the strongest possible protest at the latest piece of anti-British legislation to emanate from Westminster - the amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Neither this (minority) government, nor any other, has any mandate to carry out arbitrary policies of this nature which will, far from closing any legal loopholes currently extant, undoubtedly increase abuse of, and contempt for the entire British legal system.

Acts of this nature will also do nothing to improve race relations , they will merely further alienate the native British people , as all similar post-war enactments have done, and this government is sadly out of touch with the basic working class ideals of the electorate (which it claims to represent) if it thinks otherwise.

This organization was founded to protect the rights of native British workers, and pledges itself to work for the early repeal of all impediments to those rights, including this latest ill-conceived ‘amnesty’.

Yours faithfully, N Spencer AUEW (Hon.Sec.)
No reply is expected but department D7 at Scotland Yard has no doubt been alerted and subjected our letterhead to ultra-violet tests for finger prints, gunpowder, cannabis, bubonic plague etc.

Other Happenings – Whitehall, London SW1

On Tuesday April 23rd , St George’s Day, the only day in the British year that most Englishmen seem never to have heard of, and the only day of national celebration that the alien BBC and press dared to treat as a joke was seen by some patriots as a suitable time to demonstrate against this disgusting travesty of a government, recently elected by immigrant votes. The anti-Immigration Standing Committee (AISC), to which Tru-Aim is affiliated, therefore organized a march, open air meeting and various other events, mainly to protest against  the ‘amnesty’ mentioned above. As well as Tru-Aim, members of the Racial Preservation Society, Immigration Control Association, British Campaign Against Immigration, Monday Club, and probably other bodies not known to us, participated, as well as individual members of the National Front. The Chairman and acting Secretary of Tru-Aim carried our banner, which was well received by the other marchers. It is hoped that this will become an annual event. The majority of marcher, as requested, wore red roses, others carried Union Jacks (not strictly appropriate for this occasion), and a picture and small report appeared in the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.

Is there a Jewish Plot?

In a Youtube video of Nick Griffin being interviewed by Davey Russell of Motivate Radio, he makes it clear that he believes in a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the nation state and the white race. The former leader of the BNP is an educated man who was elected to the European Parliament but his entire worldview is based on conjecture.

Since the collapse of the BNP several little parties have emerged to perpetuate the myth of a Jewish Conspiracy to take over the world. There are individuals within these parties that know better but their overall philosophy is anti-Semitic.

Those of us who were threatened and assaulted by Jewish thugs in the good old days are not exactly pro-Jewish but we don't necessarily subscribe to conspiracy theory. 

It's true that most of the leaders of the Russian Revolution were Jewish but Stalin turned on them with homicidal determination. First he purged them from the Party, then he had Leon Trotsky murdered, and he was about to launch a ‘final solution’ when he suffered a stroke. Mussolini is reputed to have told Hitler that he was wasting his time waging war on Jewish Communists because Stalin had shot most of them.

The Jews have always been prominent in finance since the Christians and the Muslims used them as moneylenders to overcome their prohibition of usury. The Rothschilds and the Warburgs founded financial empires but so did Gentiles like John D Rockefeller and JP Morgan. Everyone has heard of the Hungarian Jewish financier George Soros but few know that Carlos Slim, a Mexican telecoms provider of Lebanese descent, is the richest man in the world.

The Jews have survived by keeping themselves apart from the host community. But in so doing they have made themselves a target and suffered repeated bouts of persecution. As usual Oswald Mosley aptly summed up the situation.

“I will always attack any interest, Jew or Gentile, or any man, Englishman or Eskimo, who in my view attempts to drag Britain into unnecessary wars which will lose British lives in quarrels which are not our own. But throughout these events I have held to our principle of never attacking all Jews and thus becoming an anti-Semite. I criticize Jews only for quite specific and definite activities against our country’s interest.”

European Outlook

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Nation Revisited # 117, July 2016

The Mystique of the Blood - Della Aleksander

This article first appeared in the League Review in September 1975. Derrick Alexander, a London school teacher became Della Aleksander when she underwent surgery in Casablanca in 1970. She championed transgender rights and 'Thoecratic Socialism.'

We have spoken previously of the power of the idea and the triumph of the Will. Grand sentiments. Noble concepts. But man is not a disembodied spirit, these intangibles require, on this plane, a vehicle to come to expression. That vehicle is the blood. In the outward march of mankind and the avoidance of retrogression, chaos and global disaster, Race, as Disraeli observed in his novel "Coningsby", is all. For Anglican though he was, he sprang from a unique people who claim to have been taught and to have rigorously practiced that fundamental truth under none other than the tutelage of the Lord God Himself!

It is not our task here to grapple with the mystery of the very origins of life upon this particular satellite of a rather medium-sized star – our Sun – in a tiny corner of a galaxy comprising about 100,000,000,000 stars, in a “Universe” in which thousands of millions of galaxies have already been sighted. Against such a background, in which the virtual certainty of intelligent life countless ages beyond us in power and intelligence stands to be admitted, atheism becomes as academic a question for philosophers as does the possibility of a power greater than I to the fly on the wall! This revolutionary realization has still not sunk into the heads of myopic humanists and materialistic Marxists and their clerical friends to whom Man, as he now is, is still the measure of all things.

It is quite conceivable, therefore, that life was introduced from other worlds by higher intelligences, and that evolution has played a subsidiary, but not total, role. The lack of certain vital fossil evidence rather inclines us personally to this view. But of one thing we can be certain. The creature recognisable as the precursor of our species did exist in the primeval forests of the quaternary period. According to the traditions of the Aryan peoples the first man-like creature was a black dwarf race and his home was the African continent. Fifty years ago, when the Java fossils had just been discovered, this was discounted as superstitious myth; man’s original home was then held to be South East Asia. This is so no more. Recent discoveries have attested beyond dispute that Africa was the nursery of the first human type. It is not unreasonable to assume that the pygmy and bushman are the direct evolutionary descendants of such primal creatures, advanced cousins of the ape. “Untermenschen.”
Until recent years evolutionists quarrelled with Biblicists only on the matter of mankind's age and the manner of his arriving. The latter insisted that Adam began it all just six thousand years ago. The former insisted, equally on faith and assumption that Man had been clawing his way progressively up the evolutionary ladder for half a million years and finally made it as a civilised being about the same time as the Biblical record put his creation - six thousand years ago. Now evidence accumulates, almost by the month, (generating a fascinating new literature, fathered by the researches of Bergier and Pauwels in their arresting book "The Dawn of Magic"), that great and mighty civilisations arose and fell, certainly within the last two hundred thousand years. The evidence for the lost continents of Mu and Atlantis, and their alleged contacts with space visitants would be here another, though highly absorbing digression - but we must hurry on.

According to Hitler's friend Professor Horbinger, a brilliant and inspired physicist, the story of the Universe is that of the eternal struggle between ice and fire. With this the painstaking, but neglected scholarship of the orthodox Jew, Velikovsky, also agrees in his epochal book, "Worlds in Collison". So we are not dealing here with just another "Nazi myth", as no doubt our detractors would like to suggest. And the recent work on Catastrophe Theory, as being present and in-built throughout nature, by the French biologist Rene Thom, and expressing the universal process with a mathematical certainty, in an almost Pythagorean sense, provides us with yet further witnesses.

Horbinger maintained that in an age before this, this earth has other moons and that vegetation and men grew to giant size, but cataclysm caused degeneration and dwarfism. Yet the human experiment had to continue. Was there intervention from outer space to give the race a new start, as many now maintain. What of the discovery, in 1972 of the oldest complete skull fossil of early man yet found by Leakey, in Kenya? This ancestor walked on the earth two and a half million years ago according to the latest radiation techniques, yet had a larger brain than any race of today and actually preceded the later ape-men! Is their occult tradition valid after all, that the simian types we have called our "ancestors" were actually the product of bestiality, in an age where the seeds of men and lower breeds could mix? Perhaps here we have the origins of the legendary tales of satyrs and centaurs and the instinct of all races that the blood must be preserved from pollution for, as the Pentateuch tells us, "the life is in the blood."
In short, there is no longer scientific grounds for supposing, as the nineteenth century optimists did, that evolution rolls on like the incoming sea, always progressing, always triumphant. No! Both natural catastrophe and human folly can pervert it, reverse it, and conceivably, bring the entire human and planetary experiment to an end. From this naively sanguine naturalism that the "right" course is self-perpetuating, which coloured nineteenth century science and materialism, have sprung the tragic errors of today of the indoctrinated peoples. That of Marxism: that the class struggle must inexorably bring in the everlasting utopia. That od democratic liberalism: that muddling through must find the goal in the end; that of humanism; that the individual doing his own thing is the measure of the rights of the state, which should be discarded like an old boot as soon as possible, and treated like one in the interim. The entire mystique of modern liberalist-humanism is contrary to Nature and she, like God, will not be mocked. Its comforting, but lying siren's song is luring civilisation to disaster. Fascism and National Socialism, in their hasty and rough and ready manner, whatever their faults, alone perceived this basic fallacy in our legacy from the nineteenth century, strove frantically to put the European once more back on course. Their detractors can now speak with smug conceit about "blind guides", but those millions who then sensed their need see now no better for being told to throw away their sticks and find the way themselves.

Whereas the egalitarian notion that was spawned by the French Revolution and since then has taken protean forms; humanist, social democratic and various types of communist creed, all of which see economic welfare in the present as the measure of all political purpose and the only justification for it, the racial consciousness of the European has already once burst forth, imprisoned and enraged by such lies, like a mighty volcanic eruption of the cosmic feeling in man. As long as we hold and remain true to that Cosmic sense, that stirring of the blood that transmutes into spirit enabling all things to be possible, a holy sacrament indeed, we shall walk this life's path in the certainty that we walk with Providence and that we remain true to the vision. Let enemies revile us, false friends proscribe us. We sense no loss. 'Our honour is loyalty'. All else is ordure.

Modern cosmopolitan mankind has lost his contact with the soil, "the dust of the ground" that gave him birth. He talks incessantly of freedom, but only sees it in economic terms: the state run more efficiently. In this grave error, our foes and detractors both to the left and the right of us, are one. This is the politics of the industrial ghetto into which modern man has been corralled and enslaved. We would not waste our time and energy campaigning to tinker with that world. It is a crime against all that Man is; against Nature herself. It will strangulate to death, cataclysmically choked by its own pollution of earth and blood; sentenced to perdition for its crime against the providential ecological balance of nature; demented by its maniacal pursuit of plutocratic greed that sees all men, of whatever race or colour, mere fodder for its vast conglomerates that ransack Mother Earth of her limited treasures and expend and vitiate her fairest and finest product: Mankind. The Race itself. If there be men, of whatever political hue they may ascribe to themselves, who cannot see these root issues, and blush with trepidation whenever they hear them mentioned, then it is an honour and a mercy to be proscribed by them. They belong to their world, that is dying. They're welcome. We belong to the new.

We seek not a greater clutter of industrial output just to take part the more successfully, until the final collapse, in the crazy game of international finance. Let the dead bury their dead. We seek the Volksgemeinschaft - the organic community of the people! We would restore the mystic nexus: the bond between blood and soil. Trendy clerics are fond of quoting St Paul to the Athenians, that "God made man of one blood to dwell on the face of all the earth". Which says no more than that it is physically possible for all the present races to procreate. But they never cite to us the next sentence: "having determined the fixed limits of their habitation."

So the mass movement of peoples, from regions where these particular races are indigenous, and have there formed their own particular roots over millennia, through the nexus of blood and soil, to a fate of subsequent rootless and disgruntled cosmopolitanism, is not only unnatural, but contrary to Christianity. This is scarcely surprising, for the survival of the Jews since the Babylonian captivity is essentially dependent upon this general principle. Though, until recently, because of the diaspora, there was no Jewish blood-soil nexus. Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of the Palestinian problem, there is no question that the Israeli tiling the ground of a kibbutz is now a far more attractive figure than his wheeler-dealer cousin in London or New York. 
When the Jews returned from Babylon there was a ruthless breaking up of mixed marriages by the prophets Ezra and Nehemiah, involving the rejection of even wives along with their young, half-breed children. A solution that, for such children, went further than the Nuremburg laws. For if it were simply a matter of alien religion, certainly the little kiddies of mixed blood could have been retained by the Jewish parent. But they too had to go, so that "the people wept very sore." Modern orthodox Jewry would no doubt, vindicate their harsh decision; but what have our trendy clerics to say upon the matter? Nothing.

The famed Swiss psychologist, CG Jung, who can scarcely be called a Nazi, nor, for that matter, was he a Jew, rightly pointed out that when there is a large alien minority in a culture then, quite regardless of the excellence or otherwise as individuals, of that minority, both they and the host culture undergo subtle change. Just as the mob has its own psychology, that is not the sum total of its members. This is essentially why the Britain of today  has a different character to that of 1945; why calls for National concerted effort go largely unheeded; why the approach to life by citizens has become so atomised, so rootless, anarchic and approaching the American pattern. There occurs a subtle vitiation of the natural qualities of both host and guest communities says Jung. The frenetic racy manner of speech of an American radio commentator, is, he shrewdly observes, more reminiscent of an African market than the tones of a European. And by imbibing the influence of the white culture and so being affected by it, whilst unconsciously vitiating all blood-soil nexus, the coloured community becomes itself rootless, disaffected, and understandably accepting the white man's economic aspirations, feels itself unjustly discriminated against. This is a crime against Nature, a crime against all involved, and one against the revealed religion of Western Man. It is a crime that the benighted apostles of the Left, even though it was born in the first instance of capitalist greed for the proceeds of grinding exploitation, both applaud and delight in. They see this hotch-potch as reducing all men to eventually thinking in solely economic terms about the nature of Man and the purpose of life. This disruption and confusion will, they consider, both make their victory possible, and then their communist new world will maintain this abominable crime against evolution and the Cosmic Will for perpetuity. Only cataclysm can now thwart their perverse efforts. In the poetic, retributive justice of Nature, a cataclysm that their benighted principles will have done very much to bring about. And then will sanity return to the world. That hour is near.

Frank Walsh

Veteran campaigner Frank Walsh was born in 1925. He joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 14 and volunteered for the army in 1943. He was known as the King of Speakers Corner, where he spoke fearlessly for many years. The following extract is from his unique online blog; a fascinating mixture of artwork, prose and poetry.

The Pseudo-Jew Prime Minister B. Disraeli said on race: "No-one may treat the principle of race, the race question, with indifference, for it is the key to world history. History is often confusing for the sole reason that it is written by people who know neither the racial issue nor the moments connected therewith. Neither language nor religion make a race. Only one thing makes a race and that is Blood. The peoples retain their strength, their morality and their capacity for great things only so long as they keep their blood free from any mixing. If they absorb alien blood their virtues will greatly dwindle, as will their strength. They become bastards, degenerates, and their downfall is inevitable. True strength lies in the nobility of the soul, and the soul is abased when the blood is tainted. All is race, there is no other truth." And the Chosen racists condemn Adolf.

Frank Walsh with friends including Florentine Roost van Tonningen (1914-2007) seated third from left. She was the widow of Meinood Roost van Tonningen (1894-1945) the Dutch National Socialist who died awaiting trial in Scheveningen Prison.

More Crisis due to Overpopulation - Catherine Parker Brown
This article first appeared on the Nationalist Alliance website in Nov 2006. The price of gas has come down but we are still struggling with immigration.

Just about everyone in the country is worried about the current gas crisis. The wholesale price of the fuel has risen to an all time high.

The reason for this is quite obvious: the demand is by far exceeding the supply. Britain is such a small island whose resources simply cannot cope with the disproportionate number of people living here.

It doesn't stop with gas: we have the exact same problem with water, disposal of sewerage, disposal of household refuse, a financial economy which is near to exhausted, a 'mob rule' situation in our cities, immense volumes of traffic causing chaos and pollution, more rapidly spreading diseases - some of which we had once managed to eradicate and MAJOR health care problems.

Take a look at our hospitals. The vast majority of staff in our health services are coloured immigrants. We are told that "They are vital, we have such a huge shortage of doctors and nurses". Nonsense, utter nonsense. The problem IS NOT that we don't have enough doctors, it is that we have TOO MANY PEOPLE.

Besides that, these coloured doctors that are brought in all have massive families, thus increasing the population and further adding to the problem. Humane repatriation would cut the population down to a sustainable figure, meaning that the number of white doctors that we have would be ample. And we could afford to pay them a more apposite wage!

We are told that we need these immigrants for the amount they pay in taxes, yet they cost our economy far more than they supposedly put back in. The Race Relations industry costs our country billions upon billions of pounds every year in diversity quangos, legal aid and legal expenses, social security benefits, fabricated fancy job titles, equal rights schemes, so-called reports into diversity, anti-racism projects and so on.

Consider also the vast amount of land that is constantly being taken to build extra housing for these alien invaders. The country is systematically being transformed into an urban jungle. We need our farmland to grow crops and graze cattle enabling our food resources. We need our forests and woodland to ensure clean air. We need our marshlands and meadows in which birds can thrive - birds have always filled an important place in our ecosystem. They eat up to half their weight each day in rodents, insects, weed seeds, and other pests; they pollinate flowers and distribute beneficial plant seeds.

We may be well aware of this, but getting our message across to the general public is another matter!

So, in a bizarre sort of way, the high cost of gas combined with related power cuts may actually do us a favour!

Maybe a calamity of this nature, which so directly involves, inconveniences and costs 'Joe Public' - hitting them in their pockets and preventing them from watching their mundane soap operas and reality TV shows - may well persuade them to start taking note of the serious consequences of overpopulation, and making a stand to something about it. We can but hope.

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Nation Revisited # 116, June 2016

Enemies of a Free Society

(This article first appeared in the Common Cause Report of June 1982. Many things have changed in the past 34 years but the National Union of Teachers and the BBC are still the same).

The disturbance which took place during the eve-of-conference disco dance of the National Union of Teachers at Scarborough drew little publicity and will certainly not go down in the annals of this 250,000 strong union. Yet it is of more than passing significance. The incident occurred when the dance was drawing to its close. Instead of the dreamy strains of the last waltz, the dancers were treated to a rousing patriotic march, whereupon a group of young teachers stormed up to the disc jockey and demanded that he cut off the offending tune. He refused. The march continued amid uproar. For a great many people it will be unnecessary to mention that the controversial piece of music was none other than Sir Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March in D – Land of Hope and Glory. This piece of music, dating from the early years of the century, seems to have an exceptional capacity for inducing choler in holders of progressive views. Only recently a clergyman was writing to The Guardian to propose that it should be removed from the programme of the last night of the Albert Hall Proms. In the case of the teachers, however, the significant point is not the fact that a few be-jeaned left-wingers seemed about to start a fight but rather in the comments made by the union’s official spokesman. “It was totally tactless to spoil everything by playing Land of Hope and Glory”, he said. Then he added: “Teachers couldn’t have been more put out if he’d rounded off with God Save the Queen.” It must surely be accounted some sort of milestone when the official spokesman for 250,000 school teachers considers it would be offensive to play the national anthem. Quite plainly, though John Booth was described as public affairs spokesman for the National Union of Teachers, he was not expressing the views of the membership or any substantial part of it. (Mr John Booth has stated that he was not personally involved in the incident and would not find the playing of God Save the Queen offensive).

There are a large number of organisations representing teachers – from associations for headmasters, headmistresses and schoolmasters, to teachers in commerce, domestic science and polytechnics – but the National Union of Teachers is by far the biggest and most influential. It has long been subject to penetration by Communists, Trotskyists and others of the far left. The purpose is straightforward. Having established themselves in official positions, no matter how minor, they then reach out to take their places in pressure groups – the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Anti-Apartheid Movement and the like – where presenting themselves as representing the teaching profession rather than as members of the Socialist Workers’ Party, the Militant Tendency and the like, they propound arguments and pursue ends which have nothing to do with teaching. But there is another aspect, often overlooked. Teachers enjoy a great deal of independence in carrying out their classroom tasks and the opportunities for free indoctrination are not insignificant. Newspapers have from time to time reported cases of children being encouraged to introduce bias into essays on such subjects as the police, race relations and unemployment. If such professional misconduct leads to protests by parents, the existence of an active left wing in positions of power in the union serves to protect the offending teacher. The attitudes of left-wing-dominated education authorities – like the Inner London Education Authority – serve to compound the problem. A booklet sponsored by the ILEA for use in schools with black pupils contains these lines, in which “babylon” is the code word for police.

Babylon’s patrolling the street
Always spitting at a nigger’s feet...
The day will come when we’ll be strong
To fight the babylon back
Rise up you niggers . . . . .

Much of what has been said about schools can be fairly applied to centres of education, the polytechnics especially. Most students are doubtless little affected by the experience; some may even react against it; but nobody can complete his education without being influenced in some way. What does seem to happen in many instances is that young people enter adult life with half-understood notions that Marxism is somehow an answer to “capitalist exploitation”. Since the process of infiltrating the teaching profession has been going on for many years, it is hardly surprising that the effects have come to be felt in places far removed from the classroom, in the Press, radio and television, in the civil service, local government, the health service. It helps to explain why television drama is dominated by plays, written by Marxists, which attack the liberal democratic state. Challenged about this, BBC’s Head of Plays, answered: “Where are plays of equal power, passion and conviction which express another point of view?” It is a question that cannot be answered by an outsider without access to the BBC’s files: but it may be noted that “power, passion and conviction” is open to a variety of interpretations, as the response to the public performance of simulated homosexual rape on the stage of the National Theatre in “Romans in Britain” demonstrated. Richard Clutterbuck, who teaches international politics at Exeter University, says in his book The Media and Political Violence: “Some authors and producers avowedly use their access to the media in order to make way for political change and depart from dramatic truth, i.e. present false propaganda, with this intent. The BBC should be less naive than it sometimes is in making available prime television time for dishonest propaganda in the guise of drama documentaries.”

The crucial point here is the naivety of the BBC. How can it come about that a national institution, established by royal charter, and enjoined to avoid bias and partisanship, allows itself to be used for subversive ends? The BBC itself cannot be naive; it is those employed by it, who accept responsibility on its behalf, who are entrusted with decision making powers – it is they who are naive. They, like others in other branches of the media, have absorbed the woolly, progressive sub-Marxist notions of their generation. They wish to be thought tolerant and liberal minded. They are afraid of being accused of censorship and suppression. They fail to perceive that those who level such accusations are not, like themselves, well-meaning, but rather are concerned, as Richard Clutterbuck says, with changing society. Such people would never gain popular support if they appeared in their true colours. They must cloak their purposes and exploit the freedom of the liberal society in order to seek to destroy it. The problem, then, is one of innocence in the face of conspiracy. It is not a new problem. It is a problem that must be solved anew by each generation. It has its roots in the cataclysmic events which took place at the beginning of the century.

It is now almost impossible, to share the feelings and illusions of those who lived through the year of Revolution, 1917, which began with the fall of the Czar, moved on to the formation of a moderate democratically based provisional government and reached a climax with the Bolshevik takeover toward the close of the year. Trotsky, in his History of the Russian Revolution, argues that it was a time when popular will became the decisive factor in events: “At those crucial moments when the old order becomes no longer endurable to the masses, they break over the barriers excluding them from the political arena, sweep aside their traditional representatives, and create by their own interference the initial groundwork for a new regime. . . The history of a revolution is for us first of all a history of the forcible entrance of the masses into the realm of ruleship over their own destiny.”

If Trotsky really believed this romanticised picture of the masses then it is not at all surprising that he was outmanoeuvred by the cunning, practical Stalin in the power struggle that followed the death of Lenin.

Lenin himself was more realistic. He held the masses in contempt. The skill of the revolutionary, he wrote in 1920, “lies in correctly gauging the conditions and the moment when the vanguard of the proletariat can successfully seize power. . .”

The vanguard of the proletariat is of course the Communist party, elite, self –appointed to act on behalf of the masses. In preparation for that moment when power can be seized, the party should resort to “stratagems, artifices, illegal methods, evasions and subterfuges. . . “

There has recently been an attempt in the American movie Reds to recapture something of the mood and spirit of 1917. The film makes use of the reminiscences of contemporaries still surviving and these are joined to a biographical account of John Reed, the young American journalist who wrote the story of the Bolshevik coup in Ten Days That Shook The World. The film trivialises events and offers few insights. Reed’s book, for all its shortcomings, helps us to get closer to events. The son of a United States Marshal who – in Hollywood movie fashion – rode out to arrest the bad guys, Reed viewed the events of 1917 as a simple struggle between the good guys and the bad guys. But he wrote before the corruption of partisan self-censorship had set in and he not only tells us what the Bolsheviks said and did but also what the others said and did. There were many who perceived in Lenin and the Bolsheviks a threat to Russia’s fledgling liberties. But while they were dimly aware that something was going on, they failed fatally, to dispel the cloud of rhetoric behind which the Bolsheviks advanced their plans to seize power. It was a time when the worst that could be imagined was a return to life under the ramshackle tyranny of a Czar. When it was too late a delegate stood up in the Petrograd Soviet and cried: “At this moment . . . the question of power is being settled by a military plot organised by one of the revolutionary parties. . . “And then reaching for the flatulent call to action proclaimed throughout the ages by every innocent about to be crushed, he cried out: “The first question must be a peaceful settlement of the crisis.”

The tactics of deceit and calumny advocated by Lenin and for long the preserve of the orthodox Communist party in Britain and now commonplace in all the groups of the far left. Moderate and responsible leaders in the trade union movement and political parties must be vilified and the rank-and-file confidence in them undermined. Any attempt to fight back must be received with strident complaints about censorship and oppression. Any organisation must be joined solely in order to use it or destroy it. And of course in no circumstances must ones’ country be defended. The moment when the country is under threat is the time to go over to revolutionary defeatism. No wonder the militant teachers took offence at the playing of the Pomp and Circumstance March, for the first line echoes the sentiment of John Bright the radical MP who said that Britain gave the idea of Parliamentary democracy to the world: Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the free,

What the Papers Say – A Review of the Patriotic Press

European Socialist Action

Editor Robert Edwards - – Issue 57, Autumn 2015

Bring the genuine refugees into Europe and look after them until such a time that Syria is saved and the secular state of al-Assad is restored by its allies, Russia and Iran.

ISIS/Daesh is being pummelled by Russian and Syrian air forces. The United States does not like this. Why? American attempts at targeting ISIS/Daesh have done nothing. Empty warehouses were attacked by US aircraft after the terrorist occupants were warned. Large caches of valuable arms intended for Kurdish freedom fighters overshot their targets and ended up in the hands of ISIS/Daesh. US drones murder civilians, often complete wedding parties. Recently a hospital in Afghanistan was almost destroyed by US planes even while the occupants were calling for the Americans to stop.

It is not al-Assad who is the ‘butcher’. It is the Americans and their allies. And someone claimed my anti-Americanism is “out of date”. Far from it chum.


The Friends of Mosley – – Issue 69, November 2015

If there is one element of our society that needs reinforcing it is the Probation and Allied Support Services.

In 2011 we saw 3914 persons charged or cautioned following the riots in and around our capital city and major centres. With grandiose talk of a rehabilitation revolution the vital anger management and associated remedies have not taken hold. No less than 1593 people directly connected with the previous turmoil have reoffended. Murder, rape, GBH, burglary are all back on the radar.

This at least underlines the stark fact that some of them were career criminals and not just low life opportunists.


The British Views-Letter – – Issue 862 December 2015

November 11 2015, Remembrance Day, was also the 50th Anniversary of the defiant blast that was the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) by the white people of Rhodesia.

Forgotten by the cretinous masses of today Rhodesia was the White Man’s Alamo in Africa. A call to duty that some answered with incredible courage, but too few. The white people of Rhodesia were just too old fashioned to be of interest to the ‘cool’ generation of the ‘happening’ 60s.

In the United States of America a similar scenario was unfolding with even more aggressive Zionist pressure. The Confederate States who a century before came under fratricidal assault as a result of the efforts of our eternal enemies, were once again assaulted by carpetbaggers and scallywags. Brave, so brave, Rhodesia resisted, as did the Southern states and their supporters.

Neither could withstand the pressure of the Traditional Enemy with the power of their purse and their useful political stooges to command. In the case of Rhodesia this included socialist Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Conservative Prime Minister and fellow betrayer Margaret Thatcher. (Candour, issue 862, December 2015)

League Sentinel

The League of St George – – Issue 105, Winter 2015

The Swiss-based Anne Frank Fund, which controls the copyright of the ‘holocaust memoir’ The Diary of Anne Frank has admitted the book was largely written by her father, Otto Frank, after her death in February 1945.

The admission comes as the copyright period of 70 years comes to an end this year 2015, seventy years after Anne frank died from typhus. By admitting that Otto Frank co-authored the bestselling book, the fund hopes to extend their control of the copyright (and the lucrative royalties it generates) until 2050, seventy years after Otto Frank’s death in 1980.

The Flame

Editor Bernard Franklyn – – Issue 33, 2016)

Labour, Liberal and Conservative politicians, govern by deceit, they give unconvincing reasons why they should do something, but ensure that the public doesn’t hear the many sound reasons why they shouldn’t. Nationalists have been trying to prove this to the public for nearly a hundred years. The establishment, thought-police won’t tolerate free-thinkers. Those who go along with the government-organised mass murder through illegal wars are applauded. Throughout history every nation has fought to defend its borders. This is essential, as well as being common sense. But for the past sixty years, any Europeans that have wanted to defend their country against alien invasions have been labelled dangerous extremists. In our once sensible and patriotic country, such treacherous government nonsense would have been met with a forceful opposition. (Muslims are not our enemy, although many are taking advantage of conditions that have been created by Zionist politicians.)

Europeans must take back control of Europe. Every White patriot who is determined, honest and articulate should start broadcasting this message, with the intent of building up a political group that can depose a politician from one of the main parties. We cannot allow ourselves to be ruled by our enemies any longer. Spread the truth and it will set us free! We now believe that we can win.

Heritage and Destiny

Editor Mark Cotterill – – Issue 70, February 2016

This is hardly the first time we have seen the phenomenon of a phoney White saviour. The average person does not want to take risks or get their hands dirty. They want to believe that the racial struggle can be won by someone else, while they sit back and watch it on television.

1968 & 1972: George Corley Wallace was the great White hope.
1980: Ronald Wilson Reagan was going to save White America.
1992: H Ross Perot: “Secretly he is one of is, don’t you know”.
1996 & 2000: Patrick J Buchanan: “The Jews know that he is on to them, and think that he is the next Hitler!”

But Wallace turned out to be just another toothless political huckster; Reagan gave amnesty to 10 million illegal aliens and enshrined the Holocaust as the national religion; Perot turned out to be full of hot air; Buchanan named a mentally-challenged Negro woman as his vice presidential running mate and then publically purged all the White Nationalists from his campaign.

Then along came wacky Ron Paul: some White people hoped that he and his goofball libertarian theories would be the ultimate salvation of the White race. And so now it’s Donald Trump. No doubt in the 2020 election there will be another political gas-bag who will be touted as the great White hope.

Reality check: There is no quick and painless remedy to the existential crisis that confronts us as a Race. Certainly, supporting any of the political contenders who are an integral part and parcel of the Old Order is not the way forward.

In the end, White people will have to collectively embrace National Socialism – and nothing else – or they will become extinct as the dodo bird and the dinosaur. White revolution is the only solution, not voting for a Jewish-endorsed Candidate A or a Jewish-endorsed Candidate B.

National Socialism – Povl H Riis Knudsen

National Socialism: A Left Wing Movement (1984) and National Socialism: The Biological World View (1987), are now published as a joint volume.

Professor Povl H Riis-Knudsen was born in Denmark in 1950. He helped to revive National Socialism in Denmark and throughout the world but was expelled from the Danish National Socialist Movement for marrying a Palestinian woman, who he describes as a white Arabian. His approach to National Socialism is uncompromising. He dismisses Francis Parker Yockey’s views on race, the inclusive message of the Christian religion, and existing National Socialist groups.

National Socialism – The Biological World View argues that National Socialism had its basis in the laws of nature and is in effect the culmination of the search for truth as the founding principle of life. National Socialism – A Left Wing Movement argues that the revolutionary nature of National Socialism sets it apart from the reactionary ways of the right.

On right and left: The right wing is mostly a pitiful conglomerate of people with very unclear ideas. They realize that something is wrong. But they refuse to leave the Old Order. Instead they cling to it with all their might and wish to revert to the situation as it was 75 or 100 years ago, thinking that this will solve all their problems.

On Christianity: The father of most of our problems is to be found in that very Christian idea, whose equalitarian philosophy and alien and unnatural teachings have robbed our people of its soul, but which they continue to praise as the very shield against the decline they see all around them. For National Socialism there is only one true deity: the inscrutable creative power that is manifested everywhere in nature.

On Race: For National Socialism difference is part of the natural order and we want to maintain this order with all its differences between races, peoples and individuals. We have absolutely no wish to make a Negro tribe practise our religion, eat our food, or use our laws. We want other people to find their own way into the future. Of course, we should be glad to cooperate with them if that is mutually beneficial, but we shall not disturb them.

On Practical politics: To try to imitate Hitler’s style today would be political suicide. As a matter of fact it has been the end of every group which has tried it so far.

Our worst enemies are not the Jews or the Communists, but the very people who while calling themselves National Socialists deface the fundamental concepts of the National Socialist philosophy through their behaviour, thus confirming the distorted impression of our idea conveyed to the public by our enemy. Indeed, we can feel no loyalty toward such people and no friendship. On the contrary, we have to rid ourselves of any connection with them whatsoever, and go out of our way to show people that they do not belong to us.

Professor Povl H Riis-Knudsen runs the Danish publishing firm Nordland Forrlag. His works are available from - and can be read on the Aryan Unity website –

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