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Nation Revisited # 127, May 2017

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. This blog is protected by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19. "We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."
Email to Harold Covington of the Northwest Front

I admired the way that you stopped short of supporting Donald Trump when the far right, or alt right, was claiming him as our new saviour. Trump has now shown his hand by bombing the Syrian airbase and reviving the Cold War with Russia. He is no different to Hillary. He will pursue the same foreign policy designed to prop up the state of Israel. He might tinker with health insurance, and make some gesture on immigration but he is essentially a system politician just like the rest of them.

Well done Harold. But when it comes to Brexit you appear to have swallowed the propaganda. Pat Condell speaks for the 52% who voted for us to leave the EU but he certainly doesn't speak for me, or the 48% who voted to stay in Europe. We are certain that leaving the EU will do nothing to stop non-European immigration. Most of our blacks and browns come from former territories of the British Empire which are collectively known as The Commonwealth. Brexit might stop us from bringing in Poles and Lithuanians; fine people who work hard and make a positive contribution to our society. But we can expect even more non-Europeans as Theresa scrambles to do trade deals with India and China. So much for immigration.

The other Brexit argument is 'sovereignty', the ridiculous idea that the UK is an independent country. Our defence minister was screaming his support for the latest American atrocity in Syria almost before the missiles had landed. There is no way that we are independent. We are, and have been since the Second World War, a dependency of the United States. Our 'independent' nuclear missiles can only be fired with Donald Trump's permission. The only time, since the war, that we tried to operate our own foreign policy was the Suez fiasco of 1956. Together with France and Israel we invaded Egypt but we were ordered to withdraw by Washington, and we have behaved ourselves ever since.

There is no sensible economic advantage in turning away from the world’s biggest single market. We will simply be swopping the rules of the EU for those of the World Trade Organisation.

Condell says that the EU is a banker’s racket, but so is the rest of the world. The UK wouldn’t be one iota less capitalist outside of the EU.

Leaving the EU will make us weaker, poorer, and blacker. The Brexiteers are the same deluded species as the Trumpers; flag-wavers with no understanding of history.

Upsetting the Jews

The former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has upset the Jews by claiming that the Nazis helped the Zionist movement. My old friend PT, a veteran of Union Movement, doubts Livingstone's account of history because of Adolf Hitler's famous quotation from Mein Kampf:

"The Jew's domination in the state seems so assured that now not only can he call himself a Jew again, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate national and political designs. A section of his race openly owns itself to be a foreign people, yet even here they lie. For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the interventions of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks."

                                    Zeev Jabotinsky

Adolf Hitler wrote those words during his sojourn in Landsberg Prison in 1924. In the turbulent years leading up to the Second World War the Zionist agent Zeev Jabotinsky secured the support of the Italian Fascists for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. Jabotinsky (1880-1940) founded the Jewish Legion which fought with General Allenby's army in World War One. His cause was taken up by the Nazis who wanted to rid Europe of the Jews and make problems for the British Empire. The Haavava Agreement of August 1933, between the Reich Ministry of Economics and the Zionist Federation of Germany, enabled German Jews to travel to Palestine. The Socialist Worker comments:
“What is more, the Nazis physical elimination of alternative political currents in Jewish society increased support for Zionism. While the Nazis dickered with Zionist leaders throughout the 1930s and 1940s, they made sure to kill every communist, socialist and Jewish resistance fighter they could get their hands on. While the Nazis were determined to kill all Jews, regardless of their political beliefs, they organised to crush working-class and socialist opposition long before they devised plans for the ‘Final Solution’.

Ken Livingstone has not been accused of revisionism but of anti-Semitism. But the truth is that the Zionists did co-operate
with the Nazis, they founded the state of Israel on the Nazi principle of racial superiority, and they adopted Nazi tactics against the Palestinians.

Israel appears to be invincible but so did South Africa during the apartheid era. The white regime was nuclear- capable and had strong defence forces but it was brought down by a change in American foreign policy. Israel will go the same way. President Donald Trump has got Jewish grandchildren and he is a staunch friend of Israel but he can't ignore public opinion forever. The European descended population of the United States is sympathetic to the Jews but the growing 
Latino population feels no guilt about the Holocaust and they will not be so ready to donate billions of dollars to the Israeli war chest.

Ken Livingstone is not the first politician to upset the self-chosen. They opposed Oswald Mosley from the time he quit the Labour Party in 1930 until he was locked up under Defence Regulation 18B in 1940. Mosley always denied being anti-Semitic. AK Chesterton explained Mosley policy in Portrait of a Leader:

This may be a suitable place, therefore, to give a summary of Mosley's views on the Jewish question. At the beginning of the Fascist campaign these views were not very definite one way or the other. While it is probable that he had no deeper an affection for Jews in the mass than any other Englishman, the last thought in his head was that it would prove necessary for him to adopt any attitude towards them, apart from refusing them admittance to the movement - a step made essential by the power of the Jew in an incredibly short time to gain control for himself and his fellow-radicals of organisations with which he became associated. Even today Mosley refuses to be drawn into adopting any racial  line of attack on them, holding that an Empire composed of many different races, castes, colour, and creeds precludes any possibility of racial persecution, even if persecution were held to be otherwise desirable, which he denies. When questioned about his attitude towards Jews, his reply has always been along these lines: "Fascism has declared war on every kind of anti-social activity, from the jugglings of international finance down to the organisation of vice trades in great cities; in so far as the Jew is identified with any of these activities, so far but no further need he fear the Fascist advent to power. The Jew who conducts himself as a decent citizen, obeying the laws of the Corporate State, paying in accordance with the high wage system required of every employer, conforming to price regulations, and putting the interests of Britain above those of international Jewry, will not be in any way molested. Jews who refuse to observe these requirements will be treated exactly as other enemies of the people will be treated, absolutely without racial discrimination."

A Century of Betrayal
The American bombing of the Syrian airbase is yet another act of aggression in a region that's been plagued by outside interference for more than a hundred years. In the First World War Britain and France, fought Turkey and Germany for control of the Middle East. Both sides pretended to be on the side of the Arabs but they had their own agendas. The part played by the British officer TE Lawrence was immortalised in David Lean's brilliant film "Lawrence of Arabia." And the story of the revolt in the desert was recorded by Lawrence in his book "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom."

Lawrence was helping the Arabs to achieve independence from the Ottoman Empire, but Britain and France had no intention of freeing the Arabs; they were determined to partition the region between them and share the oil. Let Lawrence tell the story:

"The Arab Revolt had begun on false pretences. To gain the Sherif's help our Cabinet had offered, through Sir Henry McMahon, to support the establishment of native governments in parts of Syria and Mesopotamia, 'saving the interests of our ally France'. The last modest clause concealed a treaty (kept secret, till too late, from McMahon, and therefore from the Sherif) by which France, England and Russia agreed to annex some of these promised areas, and to establish their respective spheres of influence over the rest.

Rumours of this fraud reached Arab ears, from Turkey. In the East persons were more trusted than institutions. So the Arabs, having tested my friendliness and sincerity under fire, asked me, as a free agent, to endorse the promise of the British Government. I had no previous or inner knowledge of the McMahon pledges and the Sykes-Picot treaty, which were both framed by wartime branches of the Foreign Office. But, not being a perfect fool, I could see that if we won the war the promises to the Arabs were dead paper. Had I been an honourable adviser I would have sent my men home, and not let them risk their lives for such stuff. Yet the Arab inspiration was our main tool in winning the Eastern war. So I assured them that England kept her word in letter and spirit. In this comfort they performed their fine things: but of course, instead of being proud of what we did together, I was continually and bitterly ashamed."

So much for Sovereignty

Britain's long standing problems are being neglected by a government obsessed with Brexit. Our productivity is well below that of France and Germany, the national debt is increasing, we are crippled by interest charges, our prisons are overcrowded, and we still need more houses, schools and hospitals, but the Tories have called a general election to wipe out the opposition.

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is weak and divided.  He is more like a student on a ban-the-bomb march than the leader of the Opposition. He was part of the Remain campaign but he is so frightened of 'the will of the people' that he has ordered his members to support the government.

The Scottish Nationalists are demanding another referendum on independence because the Scots voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU.

Wales voted with England to leave the EU despite the fact that Airbus is a big employer of Welsh labour and their farmers depend on EU subsidies.

Northern Ireland was divided on Europe and their power sharing administration is temporarily suspended. Nobody knows how the border issue will be resolved but many people fear an East German style border with watchtowers and barbed wire.

Our economy is driven by consumer spending which depends on borrowed money. As prices rise as the result of devaluation people will demand higher wages and we will be back to inflation. The Tories are banking on a favourable trade deal with Donald Trump, a protectionist who always puts America first. And if they don't get their own way with the EU they are threatening to turn Britain into an offshore tax haven; a deregulated low wage economy with minimal social services. 

If the Tories win the coming general election by a landslide they will tear us away from Europe and tie us to America. But instead of being the fifty-first state we will be like Puerto Rico, an island dependency undeserving of statehood. So much for sovereignty. 

Bill White

Nation Revisited # 110 of December 2013 reprinted a letter sent by Bill White from Roanoke City Jail, Virginia. He wrote to criticise an article I had written for Comrade magazine and to defend the memory of his hero Adolf Hitler. Bill White is a dedicated National Socialist who gets carried away with his own rhetoric.

Most countries have laws against racial incitement but Bill White is serving a twenty year sentence simply for 
expressing an opinion. The USA doesn't have a specific law against Holocaust denial but they determined to silence him. 

Harold Covington of the North West Front has written to President Donald Trump asking him to intervene in this case. HC hopes that the new president will be less vicious than his predecessor. His letter is worth reading:

Anti-terrorist legislation has been rushed through all over the world in response to attacks by 'Islamic State'. As a result,
people like Bill White are being rounded up by security forces looking for something to do between atrocities. The same thing happened in the UK in 1940 when Regulation 18B, which was designed to control the IRA, was used to detain Oswald Mosley and nearly a thousand of his followers. 

But far from protecting society repression could actually make things worse. Without the safety valve of free speech frustrated young men might resort to terrorism to make their protest. Surely, angry words on the web are preferable to bombs and bullets?

Long prison sentences should be reserved for murder, rape and armed robbery, and not used to silence political dissidents. Democracy cannot be defended by tyranny and opinions cannot be stifled by incarceration.

Some of the characters recently convicted in the UK were asking to be prosecuted. Threatening behaviour is not a legitimate political tactic. But lawful opinions expressed at public meetings, in print, or on the Internet should be protected by law. This right is guaranteed under Article 19 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which is displayed at our masthead:

"We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."

Bloody Foreigners

Soldiers and colonists came to Britain from all over the Roman Empire. They were followed by invading Anglo-Saxons, Danes, and Normans, and refugees from the many wars that ravaged Europe for hundreds of years. 

The majority of them were Europeans and they were all absorbed into the general population. The first non-Europeans only arrived in significant numbers following the British Nationality Act of 1948. They were welcomed by big employers like the National Health Service and London
Transport that were short of labour, and by Churches and  political parties who were looking for members.

A few educated individuals distinguished between those
races and nations that have contributed to human progress and those that have not. But a lot of people disliked foreigners in general, except for those workmates and neighbours who they got to know.

There was little sense in Britain of being European; language was more important than race. The first wave of non-European immigrants were West Indians who spoke English, drank beer, and played cricket. But they were soon followed by Asians and Africans who spoke foreign languages and practised widely different cultures.

The mass migration of Afro-Asians to the UK was briefly resisted by the native population, but successive governments mounted an unprecedented propaganda campaign, backed up by legislation, to enforce racial integration, and a compliant British population were persuaded to accept them. We now have millions of black and brown people that refuse to be assimilated and entire areas where whites are not welcome.

The popular press, particularly The Sun and The Daily Mail, played a disgraceful part in the transformation of Britain. They encouraged mass non-European immigration from the start and waged a relentless campaign against the Poles and other Europeans who came here to work.

But despite years of propaganda the liberal dream of multiracial acceptance has not been realised, and the far-right dream of rounding them all up and sending them home gets more unlikely by the day.

It would have helped if there had been a viable political party that recognised our European identity and was capable of making sensible proposals for resettlement. But since the death of Oswald Mosley and Union Movement no such organisation has existed. Instead we had groups of insular nationalists who hardly discriminated between Nigerians and Norwegians: they were all "Bloody Foreigners."

European Outlook
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Nation Revisited # 126 April 2017

All articles are by Bill Baillie unless otherwise stated. The opinions of guest writers are entirely their own. This blog is protected by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19: "We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people."
The African Personality - Peter Wallis
From Action September 1961

The fate of Africa cannot be a matter of indifference to us in Europe. Interest and morality alike decree our involvement in this vast continent with whose destiny we chose to interfere in our imperial past, and in which large numbers of our fellow-Europeans have settled during several hundred years. It is therefore unwise to close our eyes to any evidence which may throw light on the complex problems facing Africa today.

Among the influences with which we have to contend is the emotional appeal of what is usually, wrongly, called African nationalism. African racialism would be a more accurate term, but racialism is of course a dirty word in the political vocabulary: it is only Europeans who commit that crime. But call it what you will, it exists.

"Today there is a new African in the world, and that new African is ready to fight his own battle and show that after all, the black man is capable of managing his own affairs," declared Dr Nkrumah at Ghana's independence celebrations, and his speeches since have all been full of talk of the "assertion of the African personality."

However much we may doubt whether Dr Nkrumah's actions have justified his proud boast of African capacity for self-government, the question of "the African personality" is certainly an interesting one. Is there in fact any such thing? The phrase occurs again and again in a recent collection of African writings edited by the American negro poet Langston Hughes, "An African Treasury" (Gollance).

In spite of the effusions of the editor there is little of any great literary merit here, though one or two of the poems come across well enough. "African Heaven," by Francis Ernest Kobina Parkes, with its opening lines: "Give me black souls, Let them be black, Or chocolate brown, Or make them the colour of dust" - may not exactly put Eliot or Pound out of business (it does rather remind one of Stephen Spender, though) but it is a forceful reminder of the emotional appeal of his blackness to the rootless African intellectual with no other means of identification with his fellow-negroes.

The political pieces are on the whole rather banal. All of them could easily have been taken from the pages of Encounter or The New Statesman, several of them were. There is nothing very memorable here except Peter Abraham's article "The Blacks" which by illustration sums up the situation of the minority of educated westernised Africans, frustrated by the lack of opportunity for them both in tribal Africa and European society.

Jomo Kenyatta is a case in point. Peter Abrahams' reminiscences show him storming out of a tribal ceremony in his honour muttering "I can't stand any more." Yet shortly afterwards Kenyatta was to be jailed for his part in the Kenya troubles.

So much then for the "African personality." In fact no such thing emerges, only a conflict between the tribal heritage on the one hand and an ersatz Europeanism on the other, as harmful to the African as to the European.

This is not perhaps, a book to comfort the white settler interest. Neither should it bring comfort to the pious sentimentalists of the Left - though so blinded by their own self-righteousness that they are likely to welcome it without seeing its deeper tragic implications.

Lastly a word about apartheid. Throughout the book the word is used as synonymous with the white man's injustice to the black. This travesty has now become a commonplace of English journalism, and its high time that someone pointed out that such injustices as exist  - and he would be both blind and foolish who denied they do exist - are the result of a hangover from old-fashioned colonialism and the lack of genuine apartheid.

In fact only real separate development, leading ultimately to separate nationhood, can allow a true "African personality" to develop, and so resolve the conflict, not just between black and white, but within the negro himself, which this book so clearly describes.

The Age of the Superficial

Presidents, prime ministers, chiefs of staff, and senior executives are surrounded by spokesmen but some of them can't keep their mouths shut.

Clement Attlee, the post-war Labour prime minister, was a man of few words. A BBC reporter once thrust a microphone into his face and asked: "Prime Minister have you anything to say." Attlee looked at him contemptuously and replied; "No." Nowadays we would have been subjected to fatuous phrases, such as; "let me be absolutely clear about this," or; "I think we would all agree." This would be accompanied by beaming smiles and practised gestures designed to sell snake oil.

Dave Cameron was a master of waffle who gave us such meaningless phrases as; "The Big Society" and "The Northern Powerhouse." He was chosen by his party because he was a good looking young man with the gift of the gab, unlike Clem Atlee who was a taciturn old man with a bald head.

The police are just as bad. Every major crime now results in  television appearances by a high ranking officer wearing an 
impeccably tailored uniform. Through perfect teeth they
convince us that their particular police force is doing a magnificent job and remind us how grateful we should be to be protected by such bold gendarmes. The fact that they have no idea who committed the crime is not allowed to spoil the performance. The days of Dixon of Dock Green making a simple statement are long gone.

The courts are another rich source of unnecessary comment. We have come to expect lofty reflections from soberly-suited magistrates and high court judges in their wigs and gowns who dispense judicial waffle together with justice.  

Not to be outdone churchmen of all denominations issue pious pronouncements from the whitewashed chapels of the non-conformists to the sumptuous cathedrals of Catholics and High Anglicans.

The Church and the courts can keep their traditions but we can do without meaningless verbiage from politicians lacking in principles and common sense but brimming with self confidence. We live in the age of the superficial. 


The Chilean mine rescue of October 2010 was achieved with courage and leadership. 33 miners were trapped 700 metres underground for 70 days following a collapse at the Copiapo mine. Led by their shift supervisor, 54-year-old Luis Urzua, the men organised themselves into working parties and arranged food distribution, sanitation, communications and religious services. Thanks to their discipline and team spirit they maintained morale and none of them suffered serious injury. A rescue shaft was drilled and a special capsule was designed and built to carry the men up to the surface, one by one. The last man out was Luis Arzua.

Heroism is common in wartime but leadership and courage is just as important in peacetime. The Officer's Training Corps gives young men and women the chance to develop their leadership skills. In fact, most of them do not pursue army careers but their training and discipline is just as essential in industry. Similar schemes such as The Duke of Edinburgh's Award have equipped thousands of young people with valuable life skills. The Scouting Movement also instils the virtues of patriotism and comradeship.

The young officers who led our armed forces in two world wars were the product of an educational system designed for the purpose. Hopefully, we will never have to repeat their sacrifice but we will always need leaders. We have survived the egalitarian obsession which gave prizes to everyone to avoid disappointment. Determination must be rewarded because nothing can be achieved without effort, and nothing can replace leadership.

As a ten-year-old boy I had the honour to be presented to  Field Marshal Montgomery. He was born in his father's vicarage at St Mark's Kennington and I went to St Mark's School. We were all lined up like soldiers in the playground
when the great man inspected us. To my young eyes he radiated leadership. Years later I read his autobiography and met old soldiers who had served under him. And I found that my boyhood impression was well founded.

Free Speech and State Repression

Theresa May has kept her promise to the Jewish community to stamp out anti-Semitism. Several political activists are serving prison sentences and Jez Turner of the London Forum is facing prosecution. Her government treads carefully when dealing with left-wing organisations but patriotic movements are fair game. This has long been the case. The following editorial is from Action of October 1961:

The Lefty press has been horrified at the Home Secretary's action in banning under the Public Order Act the "Committee of 100" from demonstrating in Parliament Square. Some interesting admissions were also made in the Tory press when the old birds started clucking.

For instance, The Sunday Telegraph (17-9-61) explained "Government hopes of keeping order in Central London are pinned to an Act that was originally designed to deal with Britain's Fascists. The activities of Sir Oswald Mosley's Union Movement led to the passing in 1936 of the Public Order Act."

Leaving aside the obvious error in this statement (Union Movement did not exist in 1936) this is a remarkable admission indeed. It says right out what we have always claimed: the Public Order Act was not so much concerned with keeping order as with supressing the pre-war British Union.

Every trick in the game has been tried - from encouraging Red mobs to attack orderly British Union meetings, down to private prosecution of British Union members - without success. So pre-war Conservative Government, fearful of the mounting success of British Union, tried to smother it under the cover of the Public Order Act. It failed: it had to go to war in 1939 to do that.

The Sunday Pictorial on the same day went one better. You always get even more hypocrisy on the Left. It said the Act should never have been used: "It was originally passed to stop pre-war Fascist rioting." Something is clearly wrong with the Pictorial's memory - has it forgotten already what its old pals from Whitechapel and Aldgate were doing in Cable Street in 1936? - Jack Spot and his fellow-gangsters, the comrades from King Street and the rest of that alien throng?

The Battle of Cable Street - picture FOM

The fact of the 1936 rioting is that Mosley and the Blackshirts proposed to march to four meetings in Bethnal Green, Bow, Limehouse and Shoreditch on October 4, 1936; areas in which they had great popular support, as was shown at the LCC elections the following March when they polled 23 percent of the votes in Bethnal Green, 19 percent in Limehouse and 14 percent in Shoreditch.

To prevent the march and four orderly meetings the Communists and some Jews organised violence. They mingled with the crowd in their usual tactics to make an armed attack on the march. The police banned the march to prevent injury to onlookers; the Reds then proceeded to attack the police with their weapons.

It was left to a weak-kneed Conservative administration to complete what the Communists had started. Alarmed by the success of the New Movement in Britain, they rushed through legislation to ban the Blackshirt movement.

They used Red violence as the excuse for banning the one effective answer to Red violence. As always, their Public Order Act was humbug from start to finish - they had long surrendered public order to the Communists.

The Path to Europe by Lindsay Kent reprinted from Lodestar No 17 Winter 1991

English patriotism has been denigrated and attacked for years. Its revival and the reassertion of national confidence must precede any constructive part in which our people, along with our Welsh and Scottish companions, can play in European development. We need the combination of all the diverse national sentiments across the common continent, not their diminution or conflict with one another. None of us should ever feel smothered by a "foreign" majority or incur the slightest further damage to our individual tradition, but we do need to unite so that we can all again have a decisive impact upon future world history. This balance is difficult for our particular country, but the picture can be clarified with a few thoughts.

During the recent regrettably under-played Battle of Britain celebrations, I was among those who felt the catch in the throat as memories were evoked by the chugging sound and monochrome sight of the Spitfire piloted in Kentish skies, and the history and poetry of this "blessed plot... set in a silver sea" returned to heart and mind. Yet this sentiment is perfectly consistent with the knowledge of the damage done to our country and to our entire civilisation by two Anglo-German wars, an admiration for Teutonic achievements in music and scholarship, and a realisation that our "island race" and the Germans, many centuries earlier, were largely the same people. Much as I acknowledge the virtues of Islam or the genial loyalism of many West Indians I do not feel in the least "foreign" among the Germans or the French, whereas this sadly  is not the case when travelling around the new "ethnic communities" resident in our ancient cities. And it is not a matter of "pigmentation."

What is it about the character of our English villages, market towns and cathedral cities that makes one feel a national patriotism? They are distinctive, of course, but paradoxically  much of their appeal lies in their very European character dating back further than Nelson or Drake to a time when Europeans shared a single faith, while branching out with the languages that derive from the "Aryan" original. Lagos and Delhi, Peking and even Los Angeles, do not feel "ours". With York or Salisbury, Triers and Rouen, there is a sense of belonging. Our "island story" - banned from school libraries by the leftwing censors of "multiracialism" - was one of Britons, Romans, Saxons, Danes and Norman French, a European history.

Our family of peoples made a civilisation still faced with internal and external dangers, whatever the truth about Gorbachev and the American banks that keep him afloat. Differences between Nordic and Mediterranean, or Celt and Slav, have become as irrelevant as the denominational dissentions among Christians. We all face problems of population overspill from the "decolonised" third-world, rampant materialism, the egalitarian ideology that accompanies decadence and runaway technology that can
split atoms and splice genes with horrendous social consequences. Readers should peruse the neo-Spenglarian accounts in such studies as Apocalypse 2000 by Peter Jay and Michael Stewart and Shall We Make the Year 2000 by JG de Beus.

England must re-adapt its politics, along with its immediate neighbours and former "dominions," precisely in order to preserve its essential character, and to recover effective control over "our own affairs." This entails sovereignty over changes inside British boundaries and co-operation, with others likewise threatened by international forces, over external supplies and meeting hostile threats. We should join the French and Germans against redefinition of our homelands as "multicultural societies" re-opened for Afro-Asian immigration on a scale unprecedented since the Mongol and Saracen hordes. Ideological nonsense, unscientific sloganizing and psychological terror used by so-called "antiracists" must be intellectually defeated and politically superseded.

A half way house between the old Europe of Nations and a new Nation of Europe, however, will bring the worst of both worlds. Elected European government should be concerned almost entirely with defence of this geostrategic region, and with credit-control and trade agreements to secure self-sufficiency and a balance between production and consumption, but little more. (The member for Finchley must not return from the Gulf to renew hostilities across the Rhine by the way). If compulsory multiculturalism can be overcome, and British patriotism and competence revived we might, even yet, feel sufficiently on top of events to contribute peacefully and constructively to European development: a role for Charles 111.

"The real Europe has existed for three thousand years, and these shifting barricades which separate us are of more recent and man-made origin. If it had not been for that little muddle after the death of Charlemagne, a united Europe might have been strong enough to prevent the neighbouring island grabbing most of the world. As it is, English experience may now be of some assistance in helping Europe (of which we are a part despite every crime and folly of our present rulers) to preserve nearly everything which still matters in the world.

Let us not think even in terms of 1914, 1939, or of the nineteenth century; let us dare even to think biologically... Much as we love our countries we shall grow to realise that the proudest words spoken on earth since Civis Romanus sum will be I am a European.

The Flame
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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Nation Revisited # 125 March 2017


Every political party is a coalition of various factions; left and right, north and south, town and country, Catholic and
Protestant, and pro and anti-European.

The Tory Party's 330 MPs are divided between 'One Nation' Tories under Theresa May and hard right reactionaries led by Boris Johnson and Liam Fox.

The Labour Party's 230 MPs are split between the general
membership led by Jeremy Corbyn and the parliamentary party which is leaderless and despondent.

The Liberal Democrats' 9 MPs are united on the main issues and they lead the fight against Brexit in England.

Ukip only have one MP, Tory defector Douglas Carswell. Their leader, Paul Nuttall, was defeated in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election.

The Greens also have one MP, the talented, intelligent and attractive Caroline Lucas.

The extra-parliamentary left wing parties follow their long-dead leaders; Marx, Trotsky, and Mao. Their main function is organising riots and trying to stop free speech.

The numerous parties of the far-right have been completely eclipsed by Ukip. In the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election the BNP was even beaten by the Loony Party.

Our only hope lies in information and education. We will not be saved by the spirits of our ancestors, our genetic heritage, or our knowledge of Freemasonry, but if we can persuade enough people to stop reading The Daily Mail, we might rescue our country from plutocracy. The answer is to avoid factions and devote ourselves to reading, writing and communication.

Years of Neglect

Britain’s problems did not just happen. Earthquakes and hurricanes just happen but the underfunding of the National Health Service, our chronic housing shortage, prison overcrowding, and our low wage economy are the result of years of neglect by Labour and Tory governments. These problems were not caused by immigration but they are aggravated by it. The loss of industrial jobs is the result of global capitalism, automation, and mass migration that has been encouraged by greedy bosses looking for cheap labour.

Both major parties have had an equal share of government since the war but they have failed to build a successful economy. The Labour Party usually increases public spending and taxes the working class into poverty. The Tories cut benefits and give tax breaks to the rich. But neither of them keep their election promises.

The Socialist Party of Great Britain was the original party of the working man. It predates the Labour Party and the Communists Party and has always had a comprehensive manifesto. Mosley’s Union Movement was the same; it had policies for everything. But some of the little parties are single issue groups with little understanding of economics.

Political parties should publish detailed manifestos and be held to them by law. They should be accountable for their actions, apart from events beyond their control, like a war, or a worldwide slump. When Dave Cameron promised to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands and then let in over 300,000, he should have been arrested and charged with electoral fraud, or something similar.

The House of Lords should be replaced by a Senate charged with monitoring the House of Commons. It should have the power to dismiss ministers who go back on their promises, and MPs who are caught fiddling their expenses.

Ukip have made promises that can't be kept. We import half
of our food and fuel but we have not fed ourselves as a nation since the eighteenth century, and despite having 1.6 million unemployed we still need immigrants. If we ban Europeans we will simply import Afro-Asians in their place.

Theresa May has promised a golden future for the UK when we leave the EU. We are enjoying a temporary boom because of devaluation but it will inevitably lead to inflation. And we will not save money on membership fees because we will face a divorce settlement of £60 billion.

Our politicians have been dishonest but nothing will be done to punish them. Throwing them out is not good enough. They should face imprisonment and disqualification from public office. That might stop them from telling lies and making impossible promises.

Islam and the Reich

The atrocities committed by Muslim terrorists around the world are inexcusable. And so are the murders committed by nominal Christians such as David Copeland in the UK, Anders Breivik in Norway, Dylann Roof in the USA, and Alex Bissonnette in Canada.

Crimes against humanity are universal and Muslims have often been the victims. Professor Ataullah Bogdan Kopanski tells the story of the Crimean Tartars in his essay Islam and the Reich, available from Steven Books.

In the Crimea, under the rule of General Manstein, the Muslims enjoyed full religious freedom. The mosques were opened in all towns, and muezzins called faithful Crimeans from minarets to prayer. Austrian Alfred Fraunfeld was nominated as a Generalkommissar for the Crimean Peninsula and he was very sympathetic to Muslim requests. He ordered the establishment of national Islamic-orientated schools for Tartars. The German administration granted the Tartars full political rights. In 1942, many exiled Muslim intellectuals returned from Turkey and Romania to the Crimea. Imams provided Islamic religious services to the Tartar troops. The Germans sponsored radio broadcasts aired an Islamic khutbas on Fridays. The Germans planned to open a new Muslim university in Akmacet (Simferopol), but the Russo-Anglo-American allies forced the Germans to withdraw from the Crimea.

Stalinist AV Mokrusov’s death squads raided and burnt 128 Tartar villages. Mokrusov’s partisans exterminated the Muslim population in Prolom, Alach, Kara Elstiza, Kasan, Baksan and Beshui. They kidnapped young Muslim girls, and after raping them, mutilated them.

In 1943, the German authority of the Crimea restored the institution of the Mufti, abolished by the Bolsheviks. In Berlin, the new Mufti, Ozenbashi, guided the Crimean Tartars until April 1944, when the Soviet army had re-conquered Crimea. During the first two weeks of the anti-Tartar Pogroms Soviet soldiers had murdered 12,000 Muslims. In Achjar (Simferopol) the streets were lined with corpses hanging from tree branches and telephone poles. Even women and children were shot without trial or formal charges. One witness reported that intoxicated Soviet soldiers raped Tartar children.

In 1945, the former ancient mosque of Yalta, was converted into a guest house, for the “Big Three”, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt where they signed the notorious Yalta Treaty, which divided Europe into American and Soviet zones of subjugation for the next 50 years. During the conference, Stalin said to Churchill: “Eastern and central Europe will not be permitted to group themselves into any federations or association…The rest of Europe will be reduced to military and political impotence.”

The Will of the People

Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1789) was a French lawyer who believed implicitly in "the will of the people." His Committee of Public Safety sent 16,594 men and women to the guillotine and shot and bayonetted to death another 25,000. Anyone accused of flouting "the will of the people" was deemed to be an enemy of the Republic and duly executed. No defence was possible and no mercy was shown. Eventually the Revolution devoured its incorruptible prosecutor. Robespierre was charged with treason and beheaded on the orders of his own blood-stained committee.

Two centuries later we are hearing again about "the will of the people." The 52% that voted to leave the EU have been glorified by the popular press and the 48% who voted to stay are vilified as traitors.

History is littered with politicians like Robespierre who were  executed by their own henchmen. At the moment "good old Nigel" is basking in the approval of the mob but when our economy collapses and we are overrun with Africans and Asians sent to replace the Poles; then he should take that job in America.

The Ukippers want to return to 1972 when we were still an "independent" state. In that turbulent year 23 million working days were lost to strikes. Brigadier Frank Kitson urged the army to prepare for civil unrest.  Unemployment doubled and inflation reached 8%. In Birmingham 40,000 engineers went on strike forcing the closure of the Saltley coke depot. The government took emergency measures to preserve coal stocks as Arthur Scargill led gangs of flying pickets. The dock workers threatened strike action and the construction workers went on strike. Twenty-four trade unionists were arrested, including Ricky Tomlinson, in an incident known as the Shrewsbury 24. To think, that we gave all this up to join Europe.

The Failure of the Far-Right
Minority political parties don't win elections but they have a responsibility to inform and educate their supporters. Left wing parties like the Socialist Party of Great Britain have been campaigning for over a hundred years. They have never attracted a mass following but they have introduced thousands of people to their political and economic ideas. Many activists in the trade unions and the Labour Party were influenced by the SPGB and similar socialist groups. They have helped to create a climate of opinion.
But their opposite numbers on the far-right relied on crude sloganeering and never developed an ideology. Their economic policies dated from before the war when we still had an empire, and so did their obsessive racism.

John Tyndall was a brave and determined man but he was
an old-fashioned insular Briton. Some of his colleagues had a wider perspective but they failed to speak out against a culture of petty nationalism that inevitably led to Polish workers being attacked. If they had devoted more time to 
educating their followers and less to grandstanding we might have a genuine patriotic party that stands for Britain and Europe; instead of gangs of crusty old reactionaries.

The far-right parties have now been overtaken by Ukip but following Paul Nuttall's failure to win in Stoke-on-Trent, they too are a busted flush. The Tory Party has stolen Ukip's policies and they are turning the UK into an offshore tax haven with the backing of the popular press.

This lurch to the Right in Europe and America is being hailed as a revolt against the Establishment. But men like Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere, Richard Desmond, and the Barclay Brothers, are pillars of the Establishment. What we are witnessing is an old-fashioned Tory revival. It's not "the will of the people" so much as the power of big business.


People often hold two conflicting opinions at the same time. Typically, they want to reduce taxation and increase public
spending. Logical thinking is an acquired skill like playing a musical instrument. Some people have got a natural ability but they still need tuition and practice. Others are tone deaf and some are totally confused. 

I once heard a man in a saloon bar holding forth about immigration. He sounded like an out-and-out racist who wanted to round up all the blacks and sent them home "in banana boats." His admiring entourage nodded in agreement but he ended his outburst with the words: "as I always say - live and let live."

Veteran nationalist Eddy Morrison is an avowed atheist who thinks that religions are based on "falsehoods and fairy tales" but he often invokes the name of Odin. He is entitled to his beliefs but Norse mythology, with its giants, elves, dwarfs, Valkyries, and dragons, is an unlikely choice for someone who does not believe in fairy tales.

The far-right movements are constantly begging but they condemn society for being materialistic and money-grabbing. They want to hang the bankers and blow up the stock exchange but they welcome bequests and operate Paypal
accounts to facilitate donations. 

Before the BNP's spectacular collapse their website featured a picture of a Second World War Spitfire. This turned out to belong to a Polish squadron that had fought in the Battle
of Britain; an unfortunate propaganda image for a party 
running a spiteful campaign against East Europeans who they accused of stealing British jobs.

It's only human to fall into hypocrisy but the far-right make a habit of it. The original British Fascists were founded by a reputed lesbian, Miss Rotha Lintorn-Orman, who drank herself to death at the age of 40. But their modern counterparts frequently engage in fits of moral outrage.

They also co-operated closely with the security forces. Maxwell Knight was a prominent member of the British Fascists who went on to join Oswald Mosley's pre-war movement but he was also an MI5 officer.  

The established parties are just as confused and illogical as the far-right. Perhaps George Bernard Shaw was right when he said that a wise man changes himself to suit society but a fool tries to change society to suit himself; and that's why the world is run by fools.

Marches and Demonstrations
The National Front held some spectacular marches in the seventies. I only went on one of them, the Red Lion Square march of June 1974. I disagreed fundamentally with the NF about Europe but I was persuaded to support the march because it was specifically about immigration.

We assembled at Victoria and marched through London without incident until we got to Holborn where a battle was raging between the police and hundreds of "anti-fascist" demonstrators. Thankfully, there was no contact between us and the mob. We later found out that a student called Kevin Gately, had been killed. This was not surprising as the police were defending themselves with batons against the thugs 
who were attacking them. Thirty-nine officers were injured keeping the peace.

This picture of Paul Barnes, Bill Barnes and me on the 1974 Red Lion Square march is a screenshot from a film by Roger Clare. All three of them are now dead, and, in the words of Joe Cocker: "I don’t feel too good myself."

Despite the threat of Red violence the NF defiantly held marches and demonstrations until their collapse in the early eighties. They were banned from radio and television, constantly misrepresented in the press, and denied the use of public meeting places. Marches were one of the few ways they had to make themselves known.

I was pleased to see the police at the Red Lion Square march and more than forty years later I was pleased to see them when a meeting of the London Forum in Kensington was besieged by a screaming mob of 'anti-fascists'. The police dispersed them and escorted us safely to Gloucester Road Station. Three cheers for the boys in blue.

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